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called reagan democrats. there are not many obama republicans. it's almost nonexistent. >> there are plenty of obama voters whether democrats, republicanes, or independent. i think this last election showed that. i agree with david that he needs to take this to the country, and that's precisely what he's going to do and what he has been doing. you'll see that this week on immigration. you'll probably see it on some of these gun control, antiviolence measures, whether it's the assault weapons ban or the background check or addressing mental health issues. and that's prove own to be successful for him. >> schieffer: kevin you heard newt gingrich. he says the first thing republicans need to do is start paying attention to rubio, senator rubio from florida. he said if you can't find a way to appeal to the changing demographics -- that's right. that's an incredible lesson we learned from the last campaign. you take 1992 when bill clinton won his first election, hispanics represented about 2% of the electorate and won by a margin of 700,000. in this elicateerate right now, pr
, the aggressive barack obama and the worried republicans. plus scoops and predictions chris: welcome back. no less than "the new york times" has called president obama's inaugural address aggressive. we can all agree the president spoke clearly. >> preserving our individual freedom ultimately requires collective action. for we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well in a growing many barely make it. chris: this speech has taken a week to gel. and the geling has suggesting that the republicans have a choice. either they go along with the president on some things, try to improve on immigration, on guns, hit their mark on these bills, or they stand back and play protest politics. what are they going to do? >> i found an interesting poll, "the wall street journal" and he made it seem maybe we should try to make legislation better. try to have some input on things. i think there's still a split among republicans how much to do that. i know there are a lot of conservative republicans who sit there and say we walked away from health care, what a mistake.
battles between president obama and republicans are mostly budget focused. on march 1 one month from this friday sequester cuts kick in. it is $1.2 trillion. those are cuts to military and discretionary spending. paul ryan says don't expect a last minute deal or any deal at all. >> i think the sequester is going to happen because that $1.2 trillion in spending cuts we can't lose those. >> joining me now lynn sweet and david who covers the white house for the washington post. good sunday to both of you. let's start with the claim from paul ryan. $1.2 trillion in cuts said to take effect march 1. paul ryan indicating this time there will be no 11th hour deal. >> it is just a bargain position and it is not going to necessarily unfold that way. there are no absolute right now. it is early in yet another chapter of the on going rangles we have been having. so i would put no more into it. it is a prediction and i don't think either side has anything to gain. remember the virginia economy, a lot of places very dependent on defense and other industries, neither side will look good if they ca
obama, the birtherism. we'll get to it later in the show. more than a third of the republicans think he was born somewhere else still. >> bless peggy noonan. she wants to come in from on other high -- >> don't be jealous over columnists. >> i'm not. six out of seven of the presidential primary candidates were basically yahoo candidates who believed in any one -- >> remind me of their names. >> kane, perry, bachman, santorum and mitt romney was the only guy there -- he flirted with this, but he stayed away from it. the house republicans came into power two years ago, tea partiers, they tried to redefine rape. it's not just yahoos out in new mexico or those with transvaginal probes it's the heart of the republican party. >> here's jindal here. he's trying to be the leader. down in charlotte, louisiana, governor jindal called out his own gop. >> the republican party does not need to change our principles. but we might need to change just about everything else we are doing. we have to stop being the stupid party. i'm serious. it's time for a new republican party that talks like adults no se
obvious this week that the republican party had to start taking barack obama seriously. he means to change america in fundamental ways as he sees it. the proper response to such a man is not -- was that he is not a muslim or he's a kenyan or working out his feelings of colonialism. it didn't hurt him, it hurt the republicans. can the gop in washington for now develop those things? what do you think? she's saying you're deluded yourself with the nonsensical charges of birtherism and it's hurt you, not him. >> i agree with you, peggy noonan is a tremendous writer, i don't agree with much of what she says. but here's the thing. they're not listening to the editorial page, they have been fed 30 or 40 years the insanity or the belief that their views are absolutely right. the idea of calling democrats marxists and being extreme on abortion that is not right, it's fundamentally american, more american than the other side. >> the polls say you're right. >> you can't change the cake by changing the frosting. the problem in the republican party is not the political or the intellectual class -- >> w
of budget battles with the obama administration. >> reporter: republican congressman paul ryan said republicans and conservatives will need prudence to deal with president obama's second term. part of that, he says, is showing voters what the president's agenda looks like once it's been implemented. >> in the president's first term we argued against big government in theory. and in his second term, we'llng practice. obama care is no longer a 2,000 page bill. now it's 13,000 pages of regulations and its growing. it's being implemented. this year the law will restrict our ability to use flexible spending accounts. it will raise taxes on life saving medical devices. >> reporter: ryan, possible a presidential contender in 2016, said republicans should be prepared for the president to try to "de legitimize them," but urged them to be smart. >> we'll need to use every tool at our disposal. sometimes we'll have to reject the president's proposals. that time might come more than once. sometimes we'll have to make them better. the president will bait us. he will portray us as cruel and unyie
. okay, more with our roundtable straight ahead. how should republicans regroup for obama's second term? and the president's surprising take on football. is it too violent? chris hughes shares that and more from his revealing interview with the president when we return. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. no go call. this is for real this time. we are on step seven point two one two. we have entered our two minute hold. cabin venting has been inhibited. copy that. sys two, verify and lock. command is locked. flight computer state has entered auto idyll. three, two, one. the falcon 9 has launched. preparing for nose cone separation. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. >>> more roundtable straight ahead, but first the late night comics have their say. >> it was an historic weekend for sure. more than a million people gathered in our nation's capital yesterday, and tens of millions more watched from home to celebrate the first lady's new hair
on the republican ticket makes a prediction about president obama's second term. >> and the president implements his agenda, the results will fall short of the rhetoric and they will not be pretty. the president will bait us and portray us as cruel can unyielding. >> paul ryan and the reemerging republican party sending a message x. why they say the future looks bright for the gop despite the critics. also, he had a six-day head start before anyone knew he was gone. now the fugitive who simply walked out of jail using an elaborate scheme to escape. new fall out after a school district punished a fifth grader after bringing a paper gun to school . was it all a misunderstanding that went too far? we report you decide. >> i am harris faulkner. we begin with a come back chorus with the grand old party. paul ryan joining republicans and sharing their vision . stay united and stay focused on true conservative principles. ryan speaking today warning that president obama will try to villanize congressional republicans to achieve his goal and down played the republican party's imminent down fall . instead ry
full week into president obama's second term, and a theme already seems to be emerging from republicans, including john boehner. it's that the president is on a mission to annihilate the gop and push a far left agenda, and they point to his inaugural speech as evidence where the president said things like, well, this. >> preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action, medicare and medicaid and social security. these things do not sap our nation. they strengthen us. we will respond to the threat of climate change. our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. >> joining me now bill schneider, resident fellow third way, washington think tank and tara mcguinnes senior vice president of communications at the center for american progress. hello to both of you. >> hey, thanks for having us. >> bill, let's start with the speech. not just conservatives here who say that it was progressive. calling it the most liberal speech of obama's presidency. did the president miss a chance here to reach out to
with the republicans. let me ask you a question, can you name the one bipartisan accomplishment of president obama? >> yeah, it's called getting re-elected. >> okay! the fact is, if you look at where the country is today, the clear majority of americans, larger percentage of americans voted for obama than past presidents. but in terms of policy, i am not going to say it's hunky dory. it's not. there are serious divisions, i saw with my own eyes on the hill. but the reality is that you have a republican party, since the tea party came in. and you have seen this with speaker boehner's inability to control his own caucus. so how do you negotiate -- how does president obama negotiate with speaker boehner, when speaker boehner can't negotiate because he doesn't know what his own members are going to do on a particular issue? all of that said, you know, we have big problems in this country on the fiscal side, whether it's immigration, dealing with gun control. sooner later, particularly on the fiscal issues, you fix them or they fix you. i think there is a path for compromise. but it all depends on what
news poll shows 84% of democrats approve of president obama's job performance, but just 11% of republicans say he's doing a good job. that's a 73-point gap, tied with one other president, george w. bush. another poll shows since president obama was re-elected, just a third of voters think he has been more bipartisan. but the majority, 55% say he's been more confrontational. does this mean nothing can really get done that's meaningful in washington to solve our nation's national debt and help the economy? we have a former white house political director under president george w. bush and a former chief of staff to west virginia senator joe mansion. >> great to be here. >> eric: matt, let me start with you. how do we get here? >> well, you know, i think about the president i served, george w. bush. when he came to office, he really was concerned about trying to if i understand a way to reach across the aisle because clearly bill clinton left the presidency with high numbers. he worked with ted kennedy. he worked with democrats and signature domestic policy issues and then 9/11
>>> this morning, my question. if republicans can't win the vote, will they rig the vote? plus, my interview with former gop star, head boilermaker, mitch daniels. and which schools are we closing and why? first, can president obama save the planet? >>> good morning. i'm melissa harris perry. the maldives. just saying the name brings a smile to my face and a feeling of relaxation located in the indian ocean, it's comprised of 1200 islands with clear blue seas and white sands. i can't wait to visit this beautiful island nation. i hope by the time i visit it, it's not under water. it's the lowest lying country on earth with 80% of the islands 3.5 feet above sea levels. with sea levels having risen, that means the nation could be uninhabitable in 2100. in 2009, then the president and 13 cabinet members held an underwater cabinet meeting. they signed documents calling on all countries to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions ahead of a climate change conference at the u.n. while it seems like a country far away, it's indicative of the real effects of climate change and the effects they
luther king day to witness president obama's second inauguration, republicans in the state senate used his absence to gerrymander the commonwealth map. joining me from richmond is virginia state senator, henry marsh. nice to have you mr. marsh. >> good morning. >> first i want to say thank you for joining us. i understand how had to go to the early services at church this morning to make time to be here. i greatly appreciate that. >> i didn't want to miss church. the lord made all this happen. >> in fact, let me ask you in part about how angry you are about how your absence has made possible this new map. >> actually, i'm ashamed and embarrassed for my state. somebody's absent almost two or three days a week. never was there an attempt to sneak anything through. they had this ready for some time and they were waiting for this date. the preceding week one of my colleagues had been absent twice and nothing was done. this was a deliberate plan. i'm not surprised it was done sneaky. unfortunate for us, it violates the constitution because the redistricting can happen in the year for a cons
obama forces republicans to blink. >> their policy they call it the boehner rule. for every dollar increase in this debt ceiling we have to have a dollar in cuts to match that. the president said earlier this month, i'm not doing that anymore. we are not going to keep negotiating over the debt ceiling. this is our obligation over. the republicans have conceded the president had won the argument and are now -- this week they ebb extended the debt ceiling with no accompanied spending cuts. the republicans will cede that issue to him. >> your latest article, mitt romney i'm not going away. tell me. >> certainly was a little different. he came in to toub this weekend for the alfalfa dinner. we hadn't seen a lot from mitt romney since he lost in november. he to told donors that it was purposeful. he is not going anywhere. he will be active in 2013 and 2014s and in terms of 2016. although some sources said his personal ambition for public office are over. >> good to see you both today. thank you so much. >> thank you, t.j. >>> to the weather, the midwest is facing an ice threat. winter s
says republicans should be prepared for president obama to try to delegitimize them during his second term. ryan said it's important that the g.o.p. does not allow itself to be vilified, but rather provide better ideas than democrats. >> we'll need to use every tool at our disposal. sometimes we will have to reject the president's proposals. that time might come more than once. and sometimes we'll have to make them better. the president will bait us. he will portray us as cruel and unyielding. >> at the national review summit republican leaders discussed way to attract more women and hispanics since the face of the american electorate is changing. >>> the work linked to the fake girlfriend hoax linked to college football player manti t'eo is shutting down her social media accounts. she wrote in the los angeles times that her photo was used without her permission. athat appears that the acquaintance responsible for the hoax easily copied her photo without permission from her social media postings. >>> now to our continuing coverage of the 49ers quest for super bowl victory. here is a
think that is sort of all the republicans did for two years of obama. it goes to the question -- you contain multitudes, so you are circling, but your point about >> [inaudible] >> yeah, but your point about not having an alternative to dodd-frank. republicans were very good at saying there were going to make obamacare obama's waterloo and stop these things in their tracks, and when they did not, they did not have something else to say, but one person did have something else to say was paul ryan, and he was rewarded for it with all levels of media attention, massive popularity within the republican party, and the vice presidential slot on the national ticket. when i look at other rising stars in congress and around the country and i see them talking about the idea of new ideas without talking about the ideas themselves, i say, it isn't the lesson of ryan that if you talk about the specific ideas, there's more to be gained than lost? this is my personal biggest disappointment with the republican party of the last few years. where are the policy entrepreneurs in the party itself? i thi
republicans to choose their bathses careful nepresident obama's second term. speaking to republicans today, ryan said the party should end internal disputes, warning that president obammal try to divide them. and republicans saying that they should reject some of the president's proposals and work to improve on others. the obama administration wants $32 million to train african troops in the fight against extremists holed up in mali and considering providing air tankers to assist french fighter jets. our government is helping, transporting french troops and equipment to mali. france has 2400 forces there and says it wants african nations to take the lead. now back to "geraldo at large." for the latest headlines, go to >> we couldn't come do an agreement on it. i mean, it was 9-1. one guy wouldn't give. >> the hangup was everyone couldn't get past her criminal side of her life. which really had nothing to do with this case. and there was a couple that couldn't get beyond that she had lied. >> geraldo: on friday, a federal judge declared a mistrial in the defamation suit filed b
security and medicare? does president obama want to destroy the republican party? >> obviously, republicans want to make sure these entitlement programs are here for future generations, right now, for every dollar we spend on the young people, we are spending $4 on seniors. right now, in medicare, the average person pays for 1/3 of the cost of the medicare program, dick durbin, for what it has been worth has been one of those people who is willing to sit down and solve the problem and i congratulate him on that. as far as the president's goal of annihilating the republican party, i will say that i was glad to see that the house was unified behind something recently as it relates to the fiscal issues and i think that is a backstop to that. the fact is, one thing the president didn't mention in his speech, was the major fiscal issue that our nation faces. it was everything but that. and, to me, that was disheartening. it is the one issue that, before anything else, we need to put in the rearview mirror to make our country stronger. >> chris: senator durbin, you are a member of a bipartisan gr
, there are some obvious places where the party has hemorrhaged voters. most disturbing for a republican survivali survivalist. hispanic voters, the fastest growing segment of the u.s. population gave president obama 71% of their vote. the question is why. the party introspection has led to much toing a ining free thro >> we have got to stop being the superparty, we have got to stop looking backwards. >> a republican come back, wherever it may come from, newly aggressive president with a big agenda and a lot of political muscle. >> we're expecting here over the next 22 months, to be the focus of this administration. as they attempt to annihilate the republican party. and let me just tell you, i do belie believe. >> can republicans recover in time to defend their house majority in 2014? we'll look at the future of the grand old party, with governor bob mcconnell. wait for it... wait for it... [ dog ] you know, i just don't think i should have to wait for it! who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quicken loans, we won't make you wait for it. our efficient, online system allows us to get you t
. women, 55%. president obama won women. obam yet the republican party doesn't want to be the party that goes after segments of society. how do you attract latinos? how do you attract young people without sort of catering in a way republicans say they don't want to. >> in terms of luatinos and asians and immigrants, i think we fell into the trap of looking at the numbers too literally. so, look, latinos want jobs and we want education and we want health care and immigration was number five or number six, but what they sense is that we don't welcome them and we have to be the party that celebrates immigration. every time the president talks about business, there's always a but in the sentence. when you hear some republicans talk about immigration, there is always a but in the sentence. people sense that, they have a gut feel for that. we've got to make people feel welcome. >> so just kind of going around the table. is the problem the messengers? is the problem the message? is the problem policy? >> i think it's a combination. the core principles we have are right and part of the prob
republicans to "not play the villains in president obama's morality plays." >> it is the same trick every time. fight a strawman, avoid honest debate and win the argument by default. the way he tells it, it is the president and only the president who is trying to fix our bridges, to feed our children, to care for our seniors, to clean our water. frankly, he must be exhausted. i know we are. >> shannon: in a speech to conservatives yesterday the former vice presidential candidate outlined his strategy for dealing with a second obama administration. he advised republicans to pick their battles, saying they would need to reject the president's proposals in some is cases but work to make them better in others. >>> bad for the environment or good for job creation? the fate of the controversial keystone pipeline rests with the administration now. i will talk about that with a republican senator from idaho. plus, a reality show of a very different kind. >> women are petrified and ashamed and scared that their secret will come out. >> a new christian series follows five women struggling with grief and
congressional elections in a competitive swing district in iowa >> president obama in his weekly internet and radio address and the republicans in theirs... could hardly be more different... even though each argued their proposal would benefit the economy. president obama pushed for the senate to confirm his nominations to lead the security and exchange commission and the consumer financial protection bureau. " ... whose job it is to standup for you." this past wekk... the president nominated mary jo white to lead the s-e-c... and richard cordray for the consumer financial protection bureau... a job he currently holds. white worked as a top federal prosecutor in new york in high profile cases... like the successful prosecution of reputed mafia godfather john gotti. the president wants cordray to continue serving in the same capacity. republicans called for senate democrats to draft and pass a budget. >> the last time they passed a budget the ipad did not exist... >> the government has operated on a series of temporary resolutions authorizing spending. the current one expires in march
republicans to play smart during president obama's second term. >> and later up, stocking up on super bowl essentials will cost you more this year.  . >>> one of the senate's most prominent democrats said he will not run for re-election in 2014. idaho senator tom harkin announced that it's time to pass the torch. where's serving his fifth tomorrow in the senate after serving five terms in the house of representatives. his retirement could mean a headache for democrats trying to keep control of the senate. >>> former presidential candidate tom ryan is telling them to stick together. today, he set know a new round of budget battles with the oba in administration. molly henneberg has more. >> reporter: trying to bowie fellow conservatives, republican congressman paul ryan said republicans and conservatives will need prude be -- prudence to deal with president obama's second tomorrow. part of that is showing the agenda once it's implemented. >> in the from the's -- president's first term, we argued against big government in theory and in his second tomorrow, we'll argue against big
. he's quite likely the future of the republican party. but if you go back three years ago, president obama himself publicly said that the ryan proposal on medicare was serious and legitimate. the president is playing -- and not the republicans aren't. they play a lot of politics. but the president is playing politics too. when i talked to the president six months ago about medicare, he said the spending trajectory is untenable. and so he knows there needs to be a fix in this area. and what's the shame in all of this is that they can't kind of sit down and work it out, because, you know, if you were the negotiator up at camp david, you'd be able to do it. >> well, one of the problems is they're not at camp david. they are not sitting down together. but the state of the union i think should not be viewed as -- rather the inaugural address should not be viewed as a state of the union speech. this is not the place where he was laying it out. i'm told by white house officials that he put on the table for medicare is still on the table. he wants to negotiate it. and i think paul ryan will
democrats want to paint solidly blue. i asked chief political correspondent candy crowley what republicans need to do to handle immigration. >> this is an issue that republicans have to get off the table. more than 70% of hispanics in the last election voted for president obama. that's not sustainable for the republican party if they want to win a national election there is unanimity among republicans that something has to give on immigration reform. i think you will see immigration reform this year, i think you will see some form, call it amnesty, a pathway to citizenship, something that allows those who are in this country without documents to get into the legal lane, some way, some. how >> gun control that's certainly on the agenda. dianne feinstein of california offered her legislation this week to ban assault weapons but the turnout at a gun control rally yesterday in d.c. was tepid, and democrats are hedging on this. is anything really going to get done on this issue? >> i think something will get done but the idea of assault weapons ban may be an overreach, not just because there ar
. as republicans, we have criticized president obama for not agreeing in -- believing in an increase in this. not only american exceptionalism, but we also define it. during the inauguration, i heard a lot of commentators talk about a peaceful transfer of power that we have got in this country. even as we must never take for granted the peaceful transition we have, america is not great because of the design of our government. america is not exceptional because of that. the genius of america is in our strength and power in growth that comes from individual actions. [applause] government does not order greatness. it cannot command outcomes. individuals, taking risks, building businesses, inventing things, and passing immutable values from one generation to the next, that is the root of america's greatness. [applause] and that is the mission as we build a new republican party. away from managing government and towards a mission of growth. it falls to us to show the younger generations the wisdom and the great benefits of the american path. it falls to us to unleash a new dawning of the american
. so we're seeing an overlay of this, you know, one side the republicans, the other side the democrats. and i must say post-election, president obama has become more aggre aggressive. military spending, they don't agree with what taxation should be, title, on and on and on. gun control, they don't agree. and on the other hand, you know, we have this sort of slow economy that makes it more difficult to cut a deal. and i should add to that, a constitutional crisis in a way because this whole debt ceiling has been a weapon that the house of representatives have used to gain power. it's not just the republicans versus the democrats. it's the house versus the president. i don't know how it the play out. >> meanwhile, the marketses are on fire. the s&p 500 hitting a new five-year high along with the dow jones industrial average. what is driving the stocks and do you think it's sustainable for the year? >> the part of it that i understand is that some of the risk has been pulled out of the market. so most recently that the u.s. has got three months before the next thing happening. some of the
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 90 (some duplicates have been removed)